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Would your death cause a financial hardship to your loved ones? Did you know funeral and other burial expenses can cost over $10,000? Would your family also need money for other expenses - like to pay off loans, credit cards, and unpaid medical expenses? Maybe you would just like to leave someone some money at your death?

What if your spouse were to pass away? Would you have all the money you need? All final expenses could total $25,000 or more.

To ease the burden of paying final expenses, there are now Final Expense Life Insurance Plans that pay the money needed at yours or your spouse’s death.

Final Expense Life Insurance Plans can mean Peace of Mind for you and Financial Security for your family.

And using the Final Expense Network means you get the personalized services of a local agent. This is better for you when you have questions or service requests.

Final Expenses Continue to Rise!

Do you already have final expense coverage? If you don’t, now is the time to lock in coverage. If you do, is it still enough? Will it be enough in the future? You can get an additional final expense plan to make sure you’ll have the coverage you need!
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  • All Insurance Companies regulated by the State of West Virginia!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! “All Final Expense Plans have a Free Look provision. This means if you cancel within 20 days of receiving your policy, any premiums paid are refunded!”
More Options-Personalized Services! “When you need Final Expense Life Insurance, let a Specialist help! These Agents have access to lots of Final Expense Plans. This means more options for you!”
“If you buy final expense life insurance directly from an insurance company, you are limited to their products. And you don’t get the personalized services a local agent can provide!”

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  • Above information should be considered an overview, and is not intended to provide all details. As you would expect, final expense life insurance plans and rates vary depending upon a number of factors. Your agent and the policy itself provide more details.
  • Final Expense plans are whole life plans with level premiums. This means coverage is permanent and premiums don’t increase.
  • The West Virginia Final Expense Network, through the use of this website, provides a service connecting consumers with insurance agents. The agents we connect you with are independent insurance agents licensed by the State of West Virginia, and often by other states. The West Virginia Final Expense Network itself is not licensed as an insurance agency, and therefore it does not directly sell insurance to consumers. Accordingly, this website does not offer advice or recommend a particular final expense life insurance plan or company, including offering advice or information concerning any of the substantive benefits, terms or conditions of any particular contract of insurance. The licensed insurance agent we connect you with can provide these details and make recommendations. The information this website provides is general consumer knowledge, and is not intended to provide advice on individual situations or legal issues.
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  • The services of this website are not limited to residents of the State of West Virginia. If you are not a West Virginia resident, we can likely still connect you with a licensed agent in your state of residence, especially if you are a resident of a state that borders West Virginia.
  • All final expense plans have a Free Look provision. This means if you cancel your coverage within 20 days of receiving your policy, any premiums paid are refunded.